Hello! Would you like to help me write a book? Would you like to be less shy and anxious? Do you need graphic or web design done? Feel free to email me.
patreon.com/cynthiagould www.belessshy.com
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Events High Heels Lo Fi is playing Saturday July 8th at Stop, Drop & Roll! High Heels Lo Fi .com Soundcloud
Social Links If you need even more links, please check out my naughty little party rock band. High Heels Lo Fi .com Soundcloud
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Paintings - My style has been compared to Georgia O'keeffe, Joan MirĂ³, and Dr. Seuss. I say it's a blend of graphic design, pure abstract, and great funk music. There are some currently for sale - if there is a size / colour / price point you're looking for, just ask. Most pieces are under $250, many under $80. Acrylic ink and acrylic on canvas, with finished edges - ready to hang.
Voted Best Local Visual Artist in the 2004 NOW Readers Poll! Voted Best Visual Artist in the 2004 and 2005 eye weekly Readers' Choice Awards! Commissioned pieces are possible - just email me to discuss.
Graphic Design Corporate graphics, band posters, websites - I do it all. There will be a full portfolio soon, plus a photography portfolio, but for now, there are a few samples below. I'm looking for freelance graphic design work for the next month - let's chat about absolutely any project you might need help with! Graphic Design Mini Portfolio
What is VJing? --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VJing * VJ 7th Deadly * I mix video clips, photos, and digital artwork to create texture and mood to mesh with the vibe of DJs, and energize the dance floor! Does your band / dance party / DJ need a visual performance to kick your party up a level? Email Cynthia.Gould@gmail.com - let's chat. Photos and videos will be posted here soon.